Bringing Christ’s Gospel to Geneva, NY
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Who We Are


Preparing laborers for the harvest through intentional discipleship, honoring God’s love and grace, and celebrating the transformation of lives for the Kingdom of God with a Strong Finish.


Fostering family unity, and community engagement for the Kingdom of God with a “Strong Finish” Vision for Mt. Calvary Church.


Discipleship involves the thinking through of faith.
We, as a church, have focused on a person becoming an acceptor of salvation, but missed the critical biblical commission “making of disciples”. Many have accepted salvation through Christ, but we have not developed imitators of Christ, but rather fans of the church or followers of a leader. Faith is a growing fruit in the believers’ life and its limited growth often is the result of attempting to live on saving faith, when the impacts of life require maturing faith. Because God continues to draw us nearer unto Him, the putting on of the new man requires a disciplined process with measurable indicators and expected outcomes. Biblical heroes of the faith show us that it is “by faith” they walked their spiritual journey, and observing their walk, we see God testing (measuring) and offering expected outcomes of “if you”. This is our reason for the words “Strong Finish.”